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Grain Handling Machine

We were approached by a company in Norwich to design and supply a control panel for a Grain Handling system. The system included a IMO PLC, Screen icube which controlled 13 motors, pumps and conveyors.

Installation date: 27/7/08

Hydraulic Filteration Trolley project

Parker Hannifin's condition monitoring business based in Thetford UK approached us to support the development and manufacture of their oil filteration trolley. We designed and manufactured the electrical enclosure and necessary mechanical parts were free issued to us so that we could assemble and test the trolley prior to delivery.

Production start date: 12/12/11

Plate processor project

We were asked by a plate processor company to help design the software for the PLC and HMI then produce the panel and loom on a production level for Kodak Japan.

Production start date: 5/9/12 

Replacement panel

A local company had two 12 year old panels which needed upgrading and the request was to ensure we used components that we readily available. We had to design the program from scratch and decommission and install the new panel. A M340 PLC, a 12.1" colour touch screen, seven inverters and two servo drives were used inside the panel.

Installation date: 11/8/14 


Filling line replacement panel

A local food manufacturer asked us to design and manufacturer a replacement panel which needed a revamp and new installation. We worked closely with the project manager and application engineers to write the PLC program. We used a S71200, TP700, and a Danfoss drive. 

Installation date: 19/2/18


 Replacement panel

A well known food manufacturer wanted to upgrade a panel that had obsolete components, no drawing documentation and parts of the panel not used anymore. Our remit was to electrically design the panel and work with their in-house application engineer to manufacturer the panel and install. Using S7 1500 PLC, TP1500 HMI and 24x S120 inverters.

Installation date: 23/12/19

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